Here are some testimonials to give an idea about results from satisfied clients...

Dr. Stephanie Rae Grenier 

"Hey, I'm Stephie Rae. I just had an incredible session with Debra C. Burton. She's a Psychic Reader, and does Absentee Healing and a Transformational Coach, [does] Mediumship and she's so accurate and so spot on. Gave me clear evidence of who I was speaking with and I really want that experience for you. It's very cathartic. Debra C. Burton. She's at SoulActiva.com."

Dr. Stephanie Rae Grenier, USA

Ilona Poka, Real Estate Agent

"I loved my reading with SoulActiva! Debra connected and was right on about many things. It was a wonderful, heartfelt experience. I highly recommend SoulActiva."

Living Easy Arizona Real Estate, ilona Poka, Real Estate Agent/Broker/Owner Manager /Company

Marc S. K., Germany

"Dear Debra,

Just wanted to give you a little feedback on your wonderful [distant work].

The pain had reduced [during the session]. During the night, the pain was so much I could not sleep. Next day everything was much calmer. Now I notice that the healing process is extremely fast. I might even not lose my [toe}nail. ... I do believe your [work] played a very decisive role in the healing process. Thank you so much again. Love, Marc [P.S., It's quite amazing because well, with the toe which was smashed completely, I can now walk normally. [The day before] I couldn't walk... It looks pretty red now but not blue and black, which it would normally be... I think it'll be okay.]"

Marc S.K., Germany

Maike Vincken, Health Consultant, Netherlands

"Debra helped me to specifically describe a current issue and guided me through a process in which my subconscious mind was able to show me a way to better deal with this issue. I felt seen, valued and very comfortably accompanied and carried at all times during our exchange due to her open and very warm manner. The session did me a lot of good and brought me a whole lot further. Thank you very much for that!"

Maike Vincken, Health Consultant, Netherlands

Nancy C., Kentucky, USA

"Debra C. Burton is the real deal! If you are skeptical about mediumship and it's validity, you will no longer be questioning it after experiencing Debra's readings. Her accuracy and evidence, that she was clearly connecting to my loved ones was nothing other than astonishing! I highly recommend her, as great healing will come from your experience."
Nancy C, Kentucky, USA


"I recently received a mediumship reading from Debra C. Burton.

Debra is so friendly and she makes you feel very comfortablae. Debra brought through my grandmother in spirit, she was very accurate with her evidence and brought through lovely meaningful messages in a gentle way. I was very impressed. Thank you so much Debra."

Candice P., S. Africa

Ian Parkin, Australia

"Debra connected with the spirit of a businessman named Stewart. At first, I did not recognise my dear friend and business partner from my distant past. But as the evidence kept coming all became crystal clear. Not only did Debra relay some of the ..[rather poignant] situations Stewey and I got ourselves into back in the early 1980's, she was also able to relay Stewey's unmistakable humour. This was the funniest sitting I have encountered, I even had to ask Stewpot to "please shut up now" in front of our circle of sitters for fear of the deeper embarrassment and laughter I know was about to pop through the veil with Debra's quality mediumship."

Ian Parkin, Australia

Owner, webmaster, and principal psychic of Psychic-Junkie.com

Testimonial Wolfgang Dirkmann, Germany 

"Dear Debra, With this reference I would like to thank you very much for your wonderful treatment. I don't know exactly what you did, but you did something because I could feel the effect immediately after the treatment. Because of my long-standing back problems, I have already consulted many doctors and ortophäden, unfortunately without satisfactory result. Because I know how important sport is for such problems, I keep fit regularly and pay attention to a healthy balanced diet. Before your treatment, I could only stand up from the lying or sitting position with great problems and pain. After your treatment, I felt a significant improvement in these complaints. I would say by 70%.

I would also like to thank my wife Beate, who became aware of you at a wellness fair and encouraged and encouraged me to get involved in it. I would also like to emphasize that I describe myself as very down-to-earth and open to spirituality, but always look at these things with skepticism. My wife Beate, on the other hand, is now very spiritual and I cannot deny that this has given her a lot in terms of health, satisfaction and balance. Best regards" 

Wolfgang Dirkmann, Germany

L.S., France

"Debra could help me open the door to freedom."

"I had always wanted to do a Ph.D., even when I was still in elementary school, and this was not only because relatives in my grandparents' and parents' generations had already gotten graduate degrees, among them doctorates. It was a vanity project that would take me far beyond my vanity.

It was still rough going because I did not have the academic background needed for my research topic, and my school refused to give me a schedule that was compatible with doing research. Despite these drawbacks, I progressed slowly but surely, in part because I doubled down on my spiritual exploration. I had no choice; my ego no longer furnished me with the stamina it had provided in my long lost youth. Vanity had put me on this path and was soon exhausted by its demands.

The flood gates opened when I met Debra C. Burton, who used her unique technology, which allowed me to finish half of my doctorate in six months. This amounted to 400 pages of an 800 page doctorate, for which I got the highest honours.

By the time I presented it, I knew that this was not a doctoral journey but a spiritual one that has put me on the road to enlightenment. The one who started the journey is not the one who is finishing it. I thank everyone who has lovingly guided me along the way so that Debra could help me open the door to freedom."

L. S., France



"An amazing opportunity to be gently guided into the depths of one's own being. The format offers a curious inquiry to the most essential questions about existence. And the space is so nicely welcoming that it allows one's mind to surrender into the divine aspect of oneself. Debra is so profoundly bringing the aspect of divinity that is called You to be experienced via online course."

June Sky

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